Home Improvements

Everyone likes to make home improvements to their homes, apartments, condos or places of dwelling because it’s a lot of fun, but everyone also knows that most home improvements require a construction company of some sorts or a ton of money that a lot of people don’t have or don’t want to spend on home improvements or remodeling. As much as it would be really cool to be able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on some remodeling plan that would make your house look really cool in some way or another that you want, for the most part it seems illogical because your house is probably good enough as it is already and doesn’t really need anything to improve upon, but you really do just want to do it because you like that sort of thing.


Well, there’s good news if you are the type of person who likes home improvements and remodeling because there are a ton of different DIY (Do it yourself) techniques and ways that you can improve your house that would be really easy and could be your next weekend project after a hard week at work in which you don’t feel like going out or doing anything really that fun and want to do something to improve the inside or outside of your house.


One really ease Do it yourself or DIY home improvement that you could do on your weekend is install a beaded board in some of your windows instead of some ugly blinds that you probably have just hanging off your windows making it look like you live in the projects or somewhere heinous.


The first thing you have to do is establish the beaded board’s top line and by doing this you use a tape measurer and a piece of chalk or pencil and you measure our where exactly you’d like your beaded board to start and begin and then you mark it out on the wall, which will become your starting point.


The next step is to cut out the beaded board and make it long enough as to where you’d like to put it all over your walls over that disgusting looking paint or wall paper you’ve always hated but never wanted to tell anyone about because you’re too nice and wouldn’t want to be annoying.


So what you do is cut each one out to the respected length that you want and then use construction adhesive, or super strong glue, and place each panel on the wall where you’d like them to go. Then you have to attach the next piece so that the grooves on each piece are continuous and flush, and of course just look good.


Then the last thing you do is add a trim or railing, otherwise known as baseboard, so that you can have a better look than just some random wood glued to your wall, and it actually looks really awesome and you now have a DIY beaded board in your home that you love!